A Standard Solution for AML Risk Assessments has Arrived

Based on a methodology designed by public and private sector AML experts, ACAMS Risk Assessment is a web-based solution that delivers a comprehensive, automated risk-based profile of an institution's products, services, geographies and customer entities through a flexible and scalable platform for institutions of all sizes. ACAMS Risk Assessment was designed in response to the outpouring of requests from the ACAMS member community to develop a trusted, standardized means to measure, understand and explain an institution's money laundering risks.

ACAMS Risk Assessment addresses your AML needs by:

Establishing AML standards based on global best practices and the latest guidance and regulation from authoritative sources world-wide

Providing Automation which aggregates multiple risk categories and provides seamless updates to address any regulatory changes

Utilizing qualitative and quantitative data features which score risk and provide a comprehensive money laundering risk profile

Creating presentation ready reports, charts, tables and heat maps, allowing you to clearly communicate your risk to stakeholders and regulators while eliminating the need for cumbersome manual reporting

Benchmarking and comparative reporting, providing a framework for future AML standards

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